~What can the Kingdom Of Lucerne do for you?

The Kingdom of Lucerne can provide a host of demonstrations and activities for your school, organization or event. Imagine stepping back in time to an era without electricity, cars, aircraft, the internet or even the most basic ‘creature comforts’ of home. Learn what life was like for a 17th century musketeer or what it was like to be challenged in the street to a rapier duel.  Experience the wafting aroma of apples fried on an open hearth fire. Learn about life when soap didn’t come from the supermarket, bread didn’t come in a bag and the lights were not plugged in. So UNPLUG – and invite us to meet your needs.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a group of multi-talented individuals with a penchant for historic accuracy. Our members can provide a variety of demonstrations, hands-on activities and even discussion groups as we make history come alive in front of your very eyes!  We can provide an “Honor Guard” for your event or even bring Renaissance cooking to your table.

Here is a list of some of the things Lucerne can do for you:

        From the military lifestyle

            Matchlock musket demonstration or salute     Renaissance period sword fighting     13th  century archery     Heavy weapons and armour     

        Life in the home

            Hearth cooking and baking     Spinning yarn     Weaving on a loom 

            Finger loop  braiding     Clothing fabrication     Candle making  


            Religious customs     Political perspectives     Social structure and laws

Most importantly, these are not just demonstrations, but are experiential travels through time. The historical interpreters live the lifestyle as they draw visitors back through time, where “…what’s past is prologue…”

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